Sunset over Sagami Bay, Kamakura, Japan
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Sunset on Sagami Bay, Kamakura, Japan

A while back I posted a widescreen version of a shot made the same day as this one. That shot had a large flock of birds in it...

I shot a bunch of shots and this portrait orientation one, with a single bird, bears showing as the colours came out nicely.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED


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  1. Clouds look as if they belong on Jupiter.

  2. Really like the mood in the picture as the colors just as the mood in it. Little bit different with the guy on it´s way out of the picture but it´s offset by the bird sailing into it.

  3. Great shot +Alfie Goodrich , the silhouette is amazing with that colorful sky!

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