Panoramic photograph of sunset over Frankfurt, Germany
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Sunset over Frankfurt: panorama shot from east of the city

Been trying to remember exactly where in East Frankfurt this was but I can't. It was shot at the end of a day that myself and art director had been driving around ta large area to the south and east of Frankfurt.

I wanted to get a sunset with the central business district in the background. I spotted somewhere on the map that would give a decent view of it.

The whole area [behind me in the photo] was being re-developed with smart housing. Opposite me was an older area that had seemed, so far, to escape the prettification process.

Was a great spot to end the day.

This was shot from the roof of the property developer's office, which was a smart little building made out of three re-purposed shipping containers.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS
6 shots, bracketed x5 frames each
Final panorama made from 30 shots, stitched and blended in AutoPano Pro.

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  1. so very detail and well composed… great shot !!

  2. so very detail and well composed.. great shot !

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