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Taxi washed, drying and ready to go: Minami-Oi, Tokyo

I walk past this taxi garage on my way to Oimachi station and every day when I take my daughter to school. I have been walking past it almost every day for six months, waiting for the perfect shot - as it always looks interesting but never quite interesting enough. Today was the day! Lovely sunshine coming down through the skylights, puddles on the floor from where the foreman had just been washing the car. I gave the owner of the garage some postcards made with this shot. He was very happy.


  1. arndan

    soo cool

    so, i still don't know what is the differens between the blog and a web page.

    how to get such a page?

  2. Interesting license plates they have in Japan. I like the way that you have the ceiling with light coming in.

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