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The Art of Zen; Child drawing with a monk as part of Sunday School: Kawasaki Daishi Temple, Japan

There were a whole load of activities going on across the temple grounds as part of the Sunday School that the monks organise for kids, local kids I would imagine but I dont think anything is stopping any kids fom going along. I may take ours down there for a few Sundays. Very chilled, lovely people and a nice bit of art and activity for the children in a great environment. No religious hard-sell going on here, just various learning activities, walks and such which the monks do against a gently-delivered background of the teachings of Buddha.

Nikon D300

Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 D


  1. haha. this is really nice. talk about contrast!

  2. You shoot the greatest photos! I really love this one. Every day, I find a new favorite.

  3. Absolutely precious. Love what you have done here – or what you have captured, with your camera.

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