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The Biker Babe with Long Red Hair: Yoyogi-uehara, Tokyo

I was on my way to my Japanese lessons at Tokai University in Yooyogi-uehara, waiting to cross the road. I noticed this girl out of the corner of my eye partly because of the noise of her bike, but also because of the sun streaming through her huge mop of curly red hair. She sped away from the lights like a bullet out of a gun. Very cool. For a moment, I was in love....


  1. just finished watching a japanese movie and now my rss showing this,! ehe. feels great

  2. Stumbled upon your name in the discussion about Flickr and copyright. Great pictures, really, really good. I live and work in Shanghai and try to go to Japan as often as I can and I think your pictures really shows why I do this. Got your blog in my feed now.


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