Peach blossom in Tokyo
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The Blossom is Coming: Ebara Shrine, Shinbanba, Tokyo

My youngest son's nursery school is about 5mins walk from this shrine, which sits right next to the Meguro River in Shinbanba, on the Old Tokkaido Road.

I'd been at a meeting in Shinagawa earlier in the morning, with a lady from NHK. It was such a nice day that it seemed criminal to take the train. It's just 3kms from Shinagawa to home so it makes for a nice walk.

The mo-mo [peach blossom] is coming out nicely at Ebara Shrine and a few other places in our area. Was nice to get this view; just a little bit of the shrine roof, the trees and some green in the background.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 85mm f/2 AiS


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  1. Nice with those colors . Wish the early springtime will come back soon here also.

  2. Lovely flower Cherry Blossom. Wish someday i could smell and touch this flower.. love it!!!

  3. Really great image – I like the balance of pink and green. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 梅は咲いたか~桜は~まだかいな~

  5. Ian

    Really nice colour!

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