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The Boy with the Baloon; Ginza, Tokyo

I shot this almost a month ago, in Ginza, whilst out with one of my students. She was just asking me how I deal with people whose shots I take in the street and whether I need permission. Seconds after I shot this, the father walked towards me and made eye-contact. I could see he was maybe a little concerned about me shooting the photo of his son. I swung the camera round, showed him the photo and instantly he said - in a very excited voice: "Wuaaaahh..... hoshi!!" [Wow, I want it!"]. We swapped contact details. One happy daddy.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF @ f/2.8


  1. Very nice composition and colours! I guess the father must have been very happy to get the photo…

    Once, I took pictures of children in front of christmas store windows full of toys, and the parents indeed were looking at me a bit suspiciously 😉

  2. simply awesome… love your work!!!

  3. Luv the strong colors and the muted colors in the background also made this shot stand out not to mention the look on the boys face seeing the ballon fly away.

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