Old decaying bus in Fukushima, Japan
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The bus that’s only going one place: back to nature

Drove on Route 20 through Fukushima yesterday, on the way from the Ishikawa-Iwaki road to get over to Koriyama. Found this bus just near where the '20' joins Route 349.

Spent a little while shooting inside and got a few of outside too.

Would love to get a fashion model in here...

Gear & Processing?
Nikon D700
14mm f/2.8 lens
RAW converted to TIFF
Processed in Photoshop with Topaz Adjust 3's exposure equalization filter, to get a little more out of the shadows whilst protecting the highlights.


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  1. Very neat scene! Finding abandoned and/or broken down things always makes for some fun shooting. He he.

  2. Logo on the back of a truck trailer that was in front of the bus, +Benoist Sébire

  3. Don't know why but that is mesmerizing.

  4. The perspective and crisp detail in this photo is compelling. Thank you +Alfie Goodrich for taking and sharing this. 😀

  5. I've got more from this location, +Christopher Stapleton. Will post some more soon. Got a busy patch of work the next few days. Thanks for your comment. It was a great find 🙂

  6. Your #photography  is amazing. I have a Digital Rebel XTi with a kit lens and thats all im able to afford right now. I have a visual processing and learning disorder so its hard to balance the #ISO , #shutterspeed , & #apperature . I wish we could work together on some pieces and I will give you full credit for your photography to work in my digital paintings. Plus i just want to learn more. 


    I'm not trying to give you more busy work, but your photography is epic. And I want my matte paintings to be epic also. I can see them in my mind, yet i feel my skills are so basic. Learning takes so much time and im so impatient to learn and progress, its hard to enjoy the moment. Overall, thanks for your speedy reply. I hope you and your family are doing well in #Tokyo , Japan. 🙂

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