Azusa modelling at the Kappa Onsen hotel haikyo, Kinugawa
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The empty stage: Kinugawa haikyo

One more from last week's outing to Kinugawa and one of the haikyo [abandoned buildings] there.

This old enkan [or enka singing/karaoke ballroom] was remarkable: the stage, the curtains, the atmosphere of everything that had happened there over its years in service... all silent and empty.

All dressed up and no one to sing to...


  • Nikon D700
  • 14mm f/2.8
  • SB800 up above the stage pointing at Azusa
  • SB26 on a stand at camera left, pointed up at the ceiling.

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  1. Nice settings with the light and special contrast between the young girl and the old stage. Wonder how it would have been with an older woman and remember back to how it was when everything was live on stage. Well done anyway.

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