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The Gathering of the Fisherman at the End of the Day: Kazusaminato, Boso Peninsula, Chiba, Japan

Another shot from the bay at Kazusaminato, shot at the end of our day-out on the Boso Peninsula, Chiba, the other week.

In the distance on a harbour wall about half a kilometre away were a bunch of fishermen, They were just packing-up when I took this shot. The silhouettes looked cool against the graduated tones of the landscape in the distant background.

There was a little ghosting on them when I got the final HDR rendered up, so I brushed their outlines a little just to make them as defined as they were in each of the single frames.

Full description of how I made a similar HDR from this location and some of my HDR-making philosphy at:


This shot:

Nikon D300

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 @ f/8

Hand-held [braced on my backpack, which was sat on the floor] 5-shot bracket, 1-stop spacing

HDR made in Photomatix

Tweaks in Photoshop


  1. Very nice shot, I like the colors, the focus and use of the open sky.

  2. 天使の梯子がかかって、荘厳な景色ですね。

    nice, great caputre!!

  3. mag

    ur pictures are very inspiring.

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