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The Lady on the Bicycle; Yokohama, Japan

I was waiting outside Donki for the missus. I'd been at a Hawaiian bar to do a shoot for Metropolis Magazine and Hiromi had been down that way as well, teaching some friend's kids. We met up at the bar for a drink and afterwards had a wander around Yokohama, to have a chat and clear our heads. I was outside Donki for some time, chatting to the locals and shooting pics in the street.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D


  1. steven scott taylor

    Your pictures are excellent, I'm a fan of Philip-Lorca Dicorcia but I prefer your street work even to his. I'm planning a trip to Tokyo and looking forward to getting out on the streets and shooting pictures even more now I've seen your work.

    You can see some of my street pictures taken in and around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh at definitivepicture.co.uk/Tourists

    Its an ongoing project, till after the Edinburgh festival at the end of August, so it will be updated at various times till then.

    And then off to Tokyo for a couple of weeks holidays.

    Tokyo looks amazing. Thanks for posting the pictures. Great stuff



  2. Pei Wei

    I just got back from Tokyo-Yokohama-Kamakura and your pictures really hit a sentimental note! Stunning shots.

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