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The Look; Shinjuku, Tokyo

After helping one of my students pick up her first DSLR from MAP Camera, I headed for a little walk to see if I could get some decent pics of people in the rain. The underpass that goes under the railway tracks, between the west and east exits of Shinjuku Station, is always a good spot to try because of the light: dark background, people emerging into the light.

This fella flicked me a nice glance, as he looked up from his shopping bag and spotted me with my camera aiming down the underpass.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D


  1. How did you light this? Is it with available light or did you use a flash?

    Once again, its a great photo! I'm really becoming a fan!

  2. Available light, Steve. I tend never to use flash in the street. For me it's all about picking the right place, where the light and flow of people conspires for me to get the shots I want.

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