Quayside in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
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The Night Before the Mazda Shoot: quiet dockside in Hofu, Japan

It's been a very busy month or two and my apologies for being absent from here and from posting anything new on my blogs etc.

Large version of this shot [1920pixels wide] here on Google Plus

Apart from being busy, the blog and my other sites have been going through a difficult time with the webhost; lots of downtime. all very annoying. Hope that this will all be resolved very soon.

In the past month I have been all over Japan, shooting for various clients: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Hofu-shi, Tokushima, Osaka, Chiba, Kanagawa, Awa-jishima, Kobe....

It's been a lot of hard work but it's all been great fun.

I look forward, over the coming few weeks, to having a little more time to shoot for myself and to spend on posting stuff online.

This shot was taken as part of my location-scouting for a shoot I was doing in Yamaguchi-ken for Mazda last week. We ended up not using this exact spot.

Lovely, quiet and still night down on the quayside in Hofu City. No tripod so this was shot with the aid of a nearby wall. The super-wide lens is very front-heavy and the camera doesn't sit up without being held. For a 10sec exposure holding or touching the camera in any way isn't gonna work. So, I used my iPhone on it's side to wedge between the lens barrel and the ground. Remote cable was back in the car so I set this off with the self-timer.

I would have used a much longer exposure and lower ISO/smaller aperture etc if I had been using a tripod.

Techs and specs?

Nikon D800E
14mm f/2.8
10secs exposure
Cropped to 16x9 in Photoshop


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  1. As always thanks for explaining how you took the shot. I always learn from your descriptions.

  2. Great shot! I'm heading to Tokyo next week for three weeks. Are there any photo events or other interesting things I should try to make?

  3. +R.W. Sinclair Check out Tme Out Japan's website and the Metropolis.co.jp website, they always have good event details and listings. I'll probably be organising a workshop in the time you are here. Stay tuned to my stream here for details on that. Thanks man.

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