ANA aircraft leaving Tokushima Awaodori Airport
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The Pushback & The Wave-off; Tokushima, Japan

After I'd finished a job for a client in Tokushima the other week I had a little time to kill before getting my flight back to Tokyo. The airport there has a great little viewing lounge so I took the 300mm out and had a play.

Aircraft movements aren't super-frequent, as it's a small airport with a few flights a day. But I was lucky enough to get the ANA flight leaving for Tokyo. My JAL flight left about an hour later.

I always love sitting inside the plane and seeing the ground crew wave us off.

It was nice to get it from the flip-side.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 300mm f/4
Shot to black and white in-camera


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  1. Is the ground crew wave unique behavior in Japanese airport?

  2. Some ground-crews bow here in Japan too. That is unique. Maybe I haven't flown enough internationally recently to know the answer to this question, +Keizo Okakita. Anyway, I know for sure that all the bowing, waving and politeness on the shinkansen is unique to Japanese trains. You'd be hard-pressed to get even a smile or a decent attitude out of a train employee in the UK.

  3. Another unique one to Japan is the Friendly Airport Limousine bus. I've never seen anyone bow and wave goodbye from any bus company outside of Japan

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