Skies in Tokyo: Omori after the typhoon
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The sky over Tokyo: from our balcony in Omori

Very strong wind and rain yesterday in what was, I suppose, the first typhoon of the season.. all be it rather early.

As is usual after a typhoon, the skies the next day are wonderful: full of clouds, characterful, dramatic.

Today was particularly good and ended with this amazing and somewhat threatening cloud formation near our house.

Nikon D700
14mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6
1/8th sec handheld


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  1. Today's work was serious.

  2. I was just under those clouds and looking up at the sky that time 😉

  3. +Eric Seaholm Ah, I took a photo and posted it on FB. Not here :p

  4. There you go… proof! 🙂

  5. Beautiful urban shot. Lovely details from the darkening sky and clouds, to the streetlit road and the cars down below. Great composition and a fascinating image.

  6. わお!「ブラックあいちぃ召還」ってか

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