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The World at My Feet: International Forum, Yurakucho, Tokyo

I always love taking photogra@hy students to the International Forum in Yurakucho. It's a vidually overwhelming place and there are a myriad of possibilities for photography there. Everytime I go there I see something different.

I loved the way the people seemed to swarming up my legs in this reflection.

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

Shot to b+w in-camera, cropped to a square and film border added in Photoshop from an old scan.


  1. You really had my mind scrambling when I first looked at the image. Then when I scrolled down a little further and saw that it was a reflection of your leg it just made every thing cool.

  2. Nice shot! Great view and compo!

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