Shiodome looking to Hama Rikyu in the snow
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Through the towers to the garden: Shiodome, Tokyo

Shot this last week, when we had a day of strong winds and snow in Tokyo. The weather wasn't such that the snow settled but at times there was a lot of it in the air.

I was down at +Shinyong Lee's office for a meeting. She overlooks two towers in Shidome and between those towers you get a view of Hama Rikyu Gardens.

Great view but the glass has reinforcement in it and the diamond pattern the criss-cross of metal in the glass makes is too small to squeeze a camera lens in between.

So that's what made the odd dark great lines in the sky....

But, I can live with that. The main thing is the atmosphere. And the lines. Love the lines of the buildings in this view... and the distant skyscrapers of Kachidoki, peering through the grey.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS
Monochrome done in-camera


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  1. Lovely B&W image ! Special with the pattern in the sky but it doesn’t matter as you say , rather better, makes it special.

  2. See the snow just lets you see the aliens' mind control rays   o_O -/

    The planet thanks you for this evidence!

  3. Those dark lines almost add to the atmosphere!

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