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Time to Yawn; business man in the street, Otsuka, Tokyo

Waiting for some buddies in Otsuka last Saturday afternoon and I decided to have a good wander around for an hour or so. Had explored a little a few times before but got stuck into the area a litte more this time. Couple of great streets there; long, with a bit of a dip on them in one direction. Great for uninterrupted views and an interesting perspective through the long lenses.

As I havent really been using the 300mm so much this year, I have been giving it a bit more excercise recently. I set up right at one end of the street, wedged up against a concrete bollard kind of half out of sight. This fella was walking towards me a good distance away anmd just let out a natural, unguarded yawn. Great light that afternoon too.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

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    Great photo i would like to make a poster

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