Shop window full of old toys in Beppu, Kyushi, Japan
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Time travel in a shop window: Beppu, Kyushu, Japan

I was recently in Kyushu for a four-day shoot for KLM magazine and had the chance to visit the hot-spring town of Beppu. First time I have been there. Struck me as quite similar to Atami, which has a sort of 'post-Bubble-era-shabby-chic' feel to it.

It's nice to be shooting for a living. If the time constraints allow though it's always doubly nice to be able to squeeze in a few shots of subject matter which may end up being more for me than the magazine.

This was one of those: shop window in a slightly down-at-heel arcade [covered mall], full of objects of yesteryear.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
Shot in a 'pushed Ektachome' film emulation picture control


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  1. Nice place to visit.
    Atami has been much declined as compared to Beppu.

  2. Agreed, +Y Ena. Beppu still has a lot more going for it than Atami. There's just a similar feel for seaside places that have seen their greatest years. Partly just the way that the sea air attacks everything and accelerates decay.

  3. Great find Alfie!  Maybe in two yrs, I'll go full time. Still trying to decide.  heard it's a wonderful feeling though.

  4. +Tony Jarry Thanks, sir. I did photography alongside my other career whilst in the music business and then when I had my own web/graphic design company. Finally went 100% with photography [shooting and teaching] when we moved to Japan in 2007. It's up and down, supporting five of us on a creative's salary but I wouldn't swap it for anything. Good luck on your journey 🙂

  5. I love this image … it makes me feel like you took your memory and processed it.  Very nice.

  6. Thanks, Les. Oddly, that's exactly what this feels like for me too. This is kind of why I shoot in these picture controls I have made for the camera: fixing the memory a little more solidly at the time, like we did with film. Why not shoot film if you love the way it worked, some people cry…

    Well, cos film, paper, chemicals bankrupted me and processing and printing gave me dermatitis. That's gone but I still have skin which gets dry more quickly than it should. 

    Digital is the dream manifest.

  7. +Alfie Goodrich Well that doesn't sound fun! I did learn to process my own film back in high school, but I didn't do it long enough to experience any ill effects (yet…I think). But I definitely felt the bankrupting part.Then again, digital bankrupts me too.  It just does it all at once, and then stops for a few years… 🙂

  8. Nothing about photography is cheap, ever. But I am very pleased that every time I push the button it isn't costing me a packet these days. 🙂

  9. +Alfie Goodrich Thanks brother.  I may have to pick your brain in a couple of years.  unfortunately, we're moving back to the states (close to NYC).  Wife is planning on getting the wedding photography business started.  It should be up at running full time in about 2 yrs.  Maybe it'll branch off into travel weddings.

  10. What a fantastic find +Alfie Goodrich. The colour palette in this is beautiful.

  11. Thanks +Benjeev Rendhava. Love finding these little gems.. glad you liked it too.

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