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Time tunnel: Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo, Japan

After recently shooting some frames just like this for a client, I found myself on the train gong over the Rainbow Bridge again yesterday; this time with a student, on our way to do some shooting in Odaiba.

Great spot for some long exposures. The end of the bridge nearest Odaiba, as it curves around to the right, being the best spot.

Nikon D800
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
1/2 sec
White Balance set to 2870K to get the blue tint

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  1. Fabulous, great shot! Gratulations!

  2. Great image, and thanks for the details on how you got the shot.

  3. Amazing previsualization.  I have a shot taken from this same spot without the magic.  It has no slow shutter speed, no blue tint and no truck in just the right spot.  I wonder if I will ever develop the skill to know what I want and know how to get it before I press the shutter?

  4. +Joanna Ohmori
    practice. we all start as beginners at something. oh, and dont give up if you fail, simply do it again, and again. Learn about photography and techniques, and keep using them. thats the only way. After some time, it will become your second nature.

  5. +Joanna Ohmori You have plenty of magic in the macro and nature departments [and others] and you have a good eye. I had an editor mail me a month or so ago with some pictures he had found. We were already doing a feature together but he wanted a particular shot for the cover. 'shot on the bullet train, like these…' he said. 

    I knew they were not on the bullet train but here, on the Yurikamome. 

    I did a couple of shots for him, some weeks ago, which came out very similar to this. 

    So I had done it at least once before… and from that I learned exact which speed works best, exactly which point of the track works best [towards the end of the cage over the tracks s you are heading toward Odaibla, where the curves are plentful]. I also learned it's best to shoot from the back of the train and not the front.

    The truck was an coincidence. But a nice one.

    The white balance choice was baed on the fact for the last shoot, the editor had sent me two moods of shot, blue and orange – which I shot before sunset and in the evening. Blue worked well, so I tried it in-camera this time.

    +Ponte Ryuurui I know Joanna and she and I have been out shooting quite a few times over the years, on workshops and some private lessons. 

    You have learned a lot in that time, Jo. I remember that day with the super-wide lens as a particular example of how you can learn…. by the end of that day you had a grip of that lens and what subjects it would suit, how to shoot them.

  6. +Alfie Goodrich sorry for the mistake – you took the pic its excellent

  7. amazing picture and the canal one is pretty wicked too Alfie – great work

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