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Tokyo at Night from the Mori Tower

Was up the Mori Tower this evening with a friend who is shortly leaving Tokyo and Japan. She's spent a lot of time in Roppongi over the years and she asked me to shoot some cityscapes for her, by way of a memory.. she's gonna get them blown-up big for the wall in her new place, her new life. Good luck Erika!

I really like the little lights from a plane going into Haneda; they look like they are streaming out from the top of the Tower.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS
4-bracketed frames [thought I'd shot five, oops]
HDR merged in Photomatix


  1. An absolutely stunning shot ! I have yet to visit Japan, but your site makes a trip in the near future seem like a better idea each day !

  2. That's a fantastic shot Alfie. One question though : how did you avoid reflections from the lights of the Mori Tower viewing platform ?

  3. Very nice, and we should underline how difficult it is to realize such night shots from skycrapers without having the reflection of lights from inside !
    Not to mention the problem of the wind making the building move during long shots, or the camera itself moving if the photo is taken from outside.

  4. Francois; I mentioned it in the info on the image but maybe it wasnt so clear. So, I had no tripod as they are not allowed. The camera was rseting on the window ledge. It's nice, flat and stable. I press the camera lens up against the glass. This, for a start, reduces by about 80% the risk of reflections. I always wear a dark jacket to these sorts of shoots or take a dark cloth if it is the summer. Hold as wide an expanse of dark cloth bahind the camera, press it against the window all around the peripheries of the glass you are shooting through, and it will stop all the reflections. I'll take a picture of me doing it next time… so you can see 🙂

  5. Very nice night shot, your friend will be very happy with it. I noticed the light trail before I read the info, well done on keeping the camera in the same spot all the time for the 5 frames.

  6. Stunning image of breathtaking scenery! The colors are superb.

  7. Amazing shot, I love it! Tokyo is beautiful! Great Blog!

  8. Thanks for the explanations Alphie !
    You are right, I did not deduce from the photo info that you did not use a tripod, actually quite the opposite as I remembered a shot I took from the town hall with the Tokina 11-16mm, for this one it was quite difficult to find the good angle when sticking to the windows, I had to discretly use a tripod and a black cloth around it… still had some reflections. That's it, thank you for the explanations and I really like this photo, especially the colors.

  9. Wow, what a shot! The colours, the lights, the details … really good!

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