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Tokyo from above: the bridge, Shinjuku

Shot this back in March of this year, from the 28th floor of a building near Shinjuku Station. 28th floor of this building is where the Nikon Salon is in Shinjuku. Come out the lift and you have some great views.

Nikon D3S
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS
Ektachrome P Picture Control

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  1. Great scene, but needs another tilt angle, buildings never showed inspiring view command.

  2. +Idris Elamin We each see something different. 🙂 For me it all looks just about right.

  3. We still believe in a saying tells; half of your thoughts you acquire from your brother or friend.

  4. +Idris Elamin I'm not disputing your right to have an opinion about a photo I take. Or to have your own insight into it, or how it could be better. I'm just saying that this shot works for me just the way it is.

  5. Keep at ease. All I meant the great work is that we all agreed upon, as friends, family, or colleagues. I know some poets read their own poetries before their friends to correct, amend or take notes.

  6. +Idris Elamin I'm totally at ease….. just sharing my thoughts on your thoughts, that's all.

  7. …and I dont think great work is defined by how many people agree on it 🙂

  8. Artists attract other's senses. Anyway we aren't far away from each other dear +Alfie Goodrich​,

  9. +Idris Elamin , Alfie has over one million people here on Google Plus who are fans of his photography, and plenty on other sites as well. I am sure there are plenty of other photographers here whose work may be more in line with your tastes if the angles Alfie choose to compose with aren't up to par with your artistic standards.

  10. +Lisa Borel​ mid persons always spoil good relationship between friends , hope you are not one.

  11. Knock yourself out, bro.

  12. +Idris Elamin I don't post stuff on the web to attract friends or have my ego stroked. I'm too old for such bullshit. If people like my work, great. If they don't, whatever. It doesn't matter to me. I shoot for me. Like I said earlier, totally cool with you having your opinions. But like I saw in the music business, the listener to a song doesn't need to have the same feelings as the person who wrote it.

    Lisa has been my friend here since Day1. Don't play games with me or my friends, please.


  13. +Alfie Goodrich you and me quite as people walking in a field of sand at a very hot noon, the more they try to reach the end of it the more they sunk into a new unseen extension of sand.

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