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Tokyo in the snow; the wonderful backlight of Tsutaya, Shibuya

Snow always looks best when you catch it in the streetlights and near Tsutaya in Shibuya there was an awesome section of pavement that was being lit by powerful lights. Heaven-sent.....

I stayed there for a while. Got very wet. Couple of guys offered me an umbrella but it was a bit late for that. Great moments. What street photography is all about: 50mm, wonderful scenes, people getting into what I am up to. They thought I was nuts to be out in the snow shooting. The camera was soaked. I was soaked... but when I showed the guy this shot, the look on his face and the 'Waaaaahhh, sugoiii!' made the whole thing worth it. :-)

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/2

DR-3 right-angle finder

1600 ISO shot straight to mono in-camera.


  1. WOW! Really Magical!

  2. STUNNING photo. Love the mood and lighting.

  3. This picture is simply amazing. I have just discovered your photoblog and i am really impressed, congratulations, i am following you!

  4. You're really capturing Japan in the winter here. Fabulous!

  5. Jo

    well worth the effort magical shot.

  6. Of all the awesome shots on your blog, I like this one the best so far. It has a very distinct and complex mood somehow. Thanks for posting it!

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