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Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Station & Bullet Train in One View

There's not too many easily accessible places you can find a shot with the bullet trains and Tokyo SkyTree in the same frame.

One of my favourites is the view you get from the very northern tip of the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho.

You have to get up to the 7th floor and go right to the end of the building to see it. If you can manage to squeeze yourself into the very tip of the building, there's a small piece of flat glass window. The rest of the area is all 45degree windows. Great for shooting straight out of but the angle to this view is not really best done with the camera against a 45degree window.

I prefer monochrome here as there's not a huge amount of colour in the shot anyway.

The weather last week was good enough to get a decent view of everything.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 75-150mm E series, manual-focus lens
Monochrome done in-camera

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