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Tokyo Tower in summer sunset light: 4-frame stitch, shot with 300mm lens

When I went out yesterday, I basically took just two rigs: the Hasselblad with the HTS tilt-shift adaptor - which makes my 80mm effectively 120mm [85mm on full-frame DSLR] - and the D800E with my 300mm f/4 on it.

Each camera produces very different colours and obviously a 300mm field of view is different to the effective 85mm field of view I had with the Hassie.

So, wanting to capture more of the scene with the Nikon than 300mm would allow, I shot four vertical frames and stitched them in Photoshop.

The full-rez version is over 13,000pixels wide.

I haven't done much to the colour in this. It was shot at 7200K white-balance and i just used the Image>Adjustments>Colour Balance tool in Photoshop to add some blue into the shadows.

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED
WB 7200K

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