US Embassy residences in Tokyo, shot with tilt shift miniature effect
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Tokyo ToyTown: US embassy residences in Roppongi with Hasselblad HTS Tilt Shift

Tokyo ToyTown: US embassy residences in Roppongi with Hasselblad HTS Tilt Shift

The light was picking these out really well the other day. I was shooting from the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower. It was about 3.30pm by the time I got through the large queue and into the viewing area. Nice light at that time of day.

I typically tend to shoot all these wide open at f/4.5 on the 80mm lens when it's fixed to the HTS1.5 tilt shift adaptor. You get the most blur at that aperture.

When looking down from buildings, I also tend to use around 12degrees of downward tilt and about the same of drop-front, or downward shift. The HTS goes from -15 to +15 on both tilt and shift. It also rotates, so you can generate swing as well if you want to. But like all TS lenses, it only does two types of movements at once.

For all three at once, you need a proper view camera (large format camera) front end....

Hasselblad H4D-40
HC 80mm f/2.8 lens on the HTS1.5 = approx 120mm f/4.5

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  1. At times Tokyo just seems like a big Meccano set. Very nice pic!

  2. +Rohan Gillett Thanks man. This setup weighs about 5kgs so it's a bit of a beast handheld but lots of fun.

  3. Every so often I want to buy a Hartblei Super Rotator for my 645 setup but they come up for sale so rarely.

  4. +David Van Cleef Yeah man, those things are like gold-dust. If you are ever in Tokyo, let me know. We can go out with this rig and have a play.

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