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Twilight in Tokyo & Mount Fuji decided to put in an appearance

Another from the couple of hours I was shooting at Bunkyou Civic Centre the other evening.This one was shot a little after the sun had gone down showing the amazing Shinkousha [Cocoon] building in Shinjuku on the right with the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, Tocho, to the left. Mount Fuji had been hidden in cloud for most of the time me and mhy buddy Jonathan were shooting. But, for just ten minutes or so, it poked its head out the clouds. Snap! Gotcha.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

5-frame bracketed burst

HDR Merged in Photomatix 2.5.4


  1. Martin

    Really great Alfie, I love it, the combination of Fujisan and Shinjuku I have never seen before. The amount of detail is fantastic, is it through a window?

  2. Alfie

    Yep, Martin, through a window but the window is canted out at 45 degrees so no reflections. Thanks mate.

  3. Michael

    Your site is on my daily blog list. Enjoy your work. This image is a cut above – truly outstanding. Kind regards, Michael

  4. alexis

    Awesome shot!!!!!

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