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Walking through Yanaka’s Cherry Blossom

Shot 12th April 2012

Spent the day yesterday doing a private tour/lesson with a lady in town from overseas. We're out again today, down in Kamakura.

This shot was one I grabbed in Yanaka Cemetery as we made our way down towards Ueno. Great day, with the wind and rainshowers whipping the sakura up into snowstorms of petals.

Showed the lady in this shot the photo and she loved it.... always nice to interact with one's candid subjects after the photo's been shot.


Nikon D700

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

Monochrome done in-camera


  1. Are Tokyoites generally squirrely about this sort of thing? Have you ever been asked/demanded to delete something off your memory card? Happened to us a couple of times on our travels, but not in Japan, 'natch…

  2. Adam.. only once had an issue with it in all my years here. And that was when I was shooting pics of young yakuza fighting the police. But even then, one of the kid's friends came over and said to him: 'Hey, leave the guy alone he's just taking photos….'.

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