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Watching the city from Ginza 6: two ladies relaxing in Tokyo’s newest, premium…

Watching the city from Ginza 6: two ladies relaxing in Tokyo's newest, premium department store

Ginza 6, Tokyo's latest luxury department store development, opened about three months ago. Yesterday was my first visit. I've seen many pics of the main atrium, with Yayoi Kusama's lantern type creations adorning the space there. It was nice to finally have a quick walk around, see the wonderfully designed Tsutaya book shop and one or two other of the stores.

I was there, primarily, to check out the views from the 14th floor roof garden.Before I returned the HTS tilt-shift adaptor to Hasselblad, I just wanted to see what I could get from the roof of Ginza 6.

The garden is a beautiful, tranquil space. It's big too and, like the rest of the store, beautifully designed. Yesterday was not a day to be hanging around for too long as it was blistering hot. The corners of the roof space and the centre of each long side afforded me some cool views for the tilt-shift.

This shot, of two ladies enjoying the air-conned tranquility of the 13th floor and the view from there, was one from inside I spent a little time to get.

I'll be going back soon, to check out the store and take a few more pics.

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