Snow in Tokyo: snowman on the ld Tokkaido Road
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Well, at least I got the snowman to look at me

Apologies for being a little absent from here recently but it's been a busy few weeks: family stuff, work, catching up on stuff.. which always seems to be happening.

Here's a shot from a few weeks back, the day after we had our day of heavy snow in Tokyo.

I'd taken my youngest to school on the train as it was a bit icy to be cycling 2kms with Charlie on the bike with me.

I walked home to enjoy the snow and take some pics.

This one got snapped with the iPhone as I happened to have it out and in my hand to check my email.

Loved how the snowman was giving me eye contact whilst the two guys were busy chatting to each other.


iPhone 4S
Default camera
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  1. Never lose hope .. salutes

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