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Yoko Ono; Tokyo, Japan

Finally, I can show you this photo. The BBC didnt use as many of the pics as I had hoped, as they didnt put up the 'In Pictures' gallery of shots with the news article. However, they used three shots of mine and the whole experience was amazing.

I had 60-seconds to take this shot. It was in a very normal and uninspiring hotel room and my thanks particularly go to the lighting-cameraman for the video, Jeff, for setting up such nice lighting.

Yoko Ono herself was a lovely, sweet lady and amazing for a 75 year-old.

Full story and a slideshow of about 47 shots from the Beatles tribute gig, this one of Yoko and the shots I took at the John Lennon Museum, on my Japanorama site:


Nikon D300

85mm f/1.4 AF D @ f/1.4 [thank god for the 85!!]


  1. Good on ya Alfie! I always had a lot of respect for this lady, but I'd be scared stiff to have to shoot her! Like you say, thank god for the 85!

  2. My god ! bloody hell! What a great one!

    You are talented & Lucky.

    60 sec to take this shot is really astonishing 🙂

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