Yumi Nishida models Maison Close lingerie
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Yumi at the window

I spent a day shooting with Yumi and with +Shinyong Lee back in December, taking shots of a few of the lingerie sets by Maison Close that Shinyong has on sale through her PrixPrix online shop.

Great fun, as you can imagine. What could possibly be dull about shooting pictures of beautiful women dressed in beautiful lingerie?

By the way, just in case you are struggling with the answer to the rhetorical question, the answer is 'nothing'. :-)

The Gear and Processing?
Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai
Monochrome started off in-camera and tweaked a little bit for contrast and highlight recovery in Silver Efex Pro. Ultra-fine film grain added in Silver Efex too. Very subtle tone added as well, with a combination of Silver Efex and the 'Image>Adjustments>Variations' tool in Photoshop. Just seemed to suit this image for it to be a tad warmer.

This is ambient light only. I shot the RAW file to get a histogram that is gently over-exposed [to illuminate the shadows] and then bring back the highlights with a combination of the 'Pull -1' filter in SE Pro and the Graduated ND filter in Color Efex Pro... rotated to 90degrees so that the ND is pulling back the curtain and leaving the right-hand side of the shot alone.


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  1. Not SOOC? Epic Fail!!!! Mwhahaha! The lighting around the face quite beautiful.

  2. …she's not straight out of bed, either +Mark Forman 🙂

  3. photo divine,  Sentiment expressed, not so much.  Not, at any rate, if you're a woman.

  4. Thanks +Pamela Hazel If you are referring to the comment to Mark, above, about her not being straight out of bed, then you had to be there for the previous conversation. I dont treat my models like pieces of meat 🙂 If not, and you are referring to what I said with the photo itself, maybe my English sarcasm is getting lost somewhere.

  5. LOL I thought that last statement was very cute in the description of your post…well done

  6. 眺望遠方的女人~要如何跟內衣結合!!

  7. Very nice fits for beautiful body…

  8. Neil Crick

    Isn’t it great what you co do with “old” technology? That 1.2 just sings in your hands mate. Lovely, simple and elegant shot.

    • Alfie Goodrich

      Thanks mate. Using the old 50mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/2 a little more the past two months as well. Big thing for me about using these old lenses on an FX camera is that I don’t have to worry about the AF compromising my composition. DX was great. The D300 had 51 focus points that went all the way to the edges of the frame. That made AF really useful. All Nikon’s FX cameras have a DX area of focus points in an FX sized frame. Way less useful IMHO. For me it’s just nice to have the flexibility and pleasure of using this old gear, some of which I have had for a very long time, on my new digital bodies.

  9. Nice shot! Love the natural feel and simplicity.

  10. Thanks +Al Ferreira. Pleased you think that as it's exactly what I was aiming for with this. 🙂

  11. Shame we didn't have the Dyson to hand for this shot, +Kelli Seeger Kim 🙂

  12. Bahahaha! Um, yes. A pity.

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