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A model of customer service; International Forum, Tokyo

Wandering through here a few weeks ago. I go there a lot. Re-visiting the same location again and again is one way of helping to develop one's eye. It's a case of having to find something new in a place you have seen once a week over the past three years and once a year for the nine years before that.

Still, I always find some new angle in this place and hadn't really tried the tilt-shift rig for the Mamiya in there before.

So, it was time I did. I like this one. It's a cliche now, with all that fake tilt-shift bollocks going on for every mobile phone and piece of software you can imagine. But this is the real thing folks; holding a camera that weights about 25lbs over the abyss.... 300ft straight down.

Mamiya 645AFDii
Mamiya ZD digital back
Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7 lens
Mamiya macro bellows