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Architecture: Repeated Patterns

Tokyo has some fabulous architecture and I like nothing more than walking around the city capturing the patterns and shapes.

Back in 2016, a new building opened in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district. The Tokyu Plaza Ginza immediately became by go-to spot. Four years later and I'm still a big fan.

Sat midway between Yurakucho and the Ginza 4-Chome crossing, Tokyu Plaza Ginza is an 12F retail development. On the sixth floor there's a spacious atrium affording great views out to the street. Head up to the roof and you've got more great views, this time at a more acute down-angle.

The roof has been a playground for me for a while now, for shots of the surrounding buildings or shots down on to the sprawling zebra-crossing at street level.

Some of my earliest posts about visiting the building are here, here and here.

But it's not just the views out from the building that keep bringing me back to the Tokyu Plaza. The building itself is a fascinating structure of metal, glass, angles and patterns.

The shot featured here was one I took back in 2017, in the early autumn light of September that year. It's of the wall on the west side of the structure.

Towards the end of the day, the angle of the sun creates a dazzling display across the repeated patterns of the wall. Changing your angle of view creates interference patterns that really start to play tricks on your brain.

Find out more about the Tokyu Plaza Ginza at their official website, here.

There's a great article - with a load of project photos and drawings from the architect - at the architecture website, Arch Daily, here.

Tech stuff on this shot?

  • Nikon D800e
  • Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED
  • Shot in my custom Picture Control 'Ektachrome P' (more contrast, more sharpness, slight increase in saturation from the standard colour space).
  • Only the crop and white border done in Photoshop. Photo is, otherwise, SOOC.