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Autumn in colour infra-red: Shiinamachi, Tokyo

This is more like it! First attempt at false-colour processing was OK but this has really come out nice.

Infra-red was, on film, always about experimenting... lots of it! The digital stuff is far easier to be honest. And far cheaper in the long-run.

Post-pro on this:

Open in Capture One
Use 'eyedropper' tool on one of the leaves to create a custom WB.
Export out as TIFF or JPEG and open in Photoshop.
Reverse the red and blue channels using the channel mixer tool [red tab: set red to 0% and blue to 100% and the opposite in blue tab].
Fine-tuning with a new adjustment layer: colour balance.
This was de-tuned on the cyan a little, blue boosted a little. Basically always trying to keep the white of the pole that holds the mirror as close to white as poss.

Nik Color Efex 3's 'photo stylizer' tool, used on pre-set 2. This really brought up the tree, as yellow by default which I liked.

Nik 'polarization' filter to boost the sky and tweak tone across the image.

Originally shot on converted D300 with Tamron 14mm f/2.8