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Blue Friday

In all the years I've been visiting and living in Tokyo, one thing is constant: I've not yet become bored with the city.

I can probably put some of this down to the fact that I'm an inquisitive photographer. So, there's always something to attract my attention and focus it. But being creative and staying creative are two very different things. One requires practice, experience and, perhaps, a bit of a 'gift from god'. The other requires discipline, innovation, patience and exercise.

Over the years, I've developed a set of exercises to help me stay creative or get me out of a rut. You can see my list here.

A lot of it is just very simple exercises, limitations. To focus the mind enough but not too much that finding the energy to start and complete the exercise outweighs its benefit.

The day I shot this photo, I was out with a student. Helping her to see a little better and focus on simple subjects. I was looking at specific colours and patterns.

We found this wall in a small backstreet around the Higashi-gina district of Tokyo. A place I like a lot for its architectural diversity, tiny streets and (as with most of Tokyo) the surprises you find around every corner.

I was in a blue mood. The yellow tape all over the old door was a nice bonus. The contrast between the regular patterns of the tiles and the 'crazy paving' effect of the tape was wonderful.

Simple subjects. Simple goals. Focus on the basics of composition, light, colour, shape and form.