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Cracks and veins: the leaf + the line, Shibuya, Tokyo

I was out with Mari, a new student, yesterday and after going through some basics about her camera, iso, aperture and speed etc... we headed off around the area to put it all into practice.

Composition is a key foundation of photography and I find a great way to get people thinking about composition is to shoot normal, potentially boring subjects and spend some time thinking about how they work in the frame. There's usually no better way to do this than to combine it with shooting 'the world at your feet'. It focuses your mind and eyes on stuff you'd normally walk past or over, and if you can compose this stuff well, it's usually a good sign. It also is a quick way for me to judge where a student's eye is at.....

Recent article I wrote about compo:

This was my take on a leaf and a road marking. Mari got some great ones too.

My idea for this one was to compare/contrast the texture of the cracked paint with the lines and veins in the leaf.

No trouble with her eye at all.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/2
Things1 picture control
Straight out of camera.

Download all my Nikon picture controls here: