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Crossing: Shibuya, Tokyo

I'd been out teaching on Saturday and stayed out for a bit during the evening, shooting around the crossing in Shibuya.

Was playing with zone-focusing the 50mm and doing various other stuff, mainly in monochrome and with the 50mm and the 85mm.

Focused the lens to about 3m, at f/1.2 and headed across the road back towards the station on my way home.

Got a few good ones. Out of about eight shots, five were keepers. Pretty happy with that, given it's all blind faith shooting like this....

I like the way the light, shadow and shallow dof has made the tarmac they are walking on look like grass.....

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2

Mono in-camera

This shot straight out of the camera.