A portrait of Eiko
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Eiko: a portrait in Fukuoka

Read the article linked to below for how a Bruno Aveillan book, some plastic, beer and some cameras led to a wonderfully fun time on a very cold day in Fukuoka.

Thanks to my mate Chef and his lovely wife Eiko for being there and making it such a lovely day.


Gear etc?

  • Two shots, each made with the 50mm f/1.2 AI lens on my D700 set at about f/4 and with some discarded clear plastic I found in Chef’s living-room wrapped around the front.
  • Shot with a fluorescent white-balance and the camera set to the Fuji Velvia picture-control I have.
  • Opened both in Photoshop, merged them [as I meant to make a multiple-exposure at the time but was laughing too much to remember to set up the camera properly].
  • Cropped to a square from the original aspect-ratio.