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Evening falls in a Tokyo backstreet

The simple geometry and colour pairing in this quiet backstreet near Asakusabashi typifies why I like spending time with subjects like this.

As a professional photographer who needs to deliver for whichever client comes through the door on a given day, it falls to me to keep myself 'fit'. No sportsman or woman would expect to be able to go out and perform well without having some kind of regular exercise regime. So it is with me.

Not only do I enjoy wandering Tokyo's many and varied backstreets because of their content and atmosphere, or for the wonderful discoveries it's easy to make there. I do it and enjoy it because if I can see and render the simple, the normal, the mundane in a way that stimulates the eye. Then it keeps my muscles flexed for all the rest of what I shoot.

Plus, living as I do in a small flat in central Tokyo, I don't have the physical space to collect real 'stuff'. So I have things that I seek out and collect with the camera. This keeps me forever hungry, hunting, curious. A curious eye and mind is key to what I do.

Fuji X100S