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Explaining how my eyes work

Part of the challenge of being a teacher of something is to pass on, in easy to understand terms, the things within your realm that are subconscious to you.

Seeing, for instance.

Why do I see the things I see, the way I see them?

It's a tough thing to explain. I guess the most important thing, for me, has been to maintain a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around me. That's definitely part of my seeing process.

I also collect stuff with my camera, the way other folks collect stamps, books, records or nick-nacks for their house. I don't collect real stuff anymore. We don't have the space in our Tokyo flat. Collecting stuff with my camera helps keep my eyes hungry for things all the time.

After that, it's about feeding your head: with art, with exhibitions, with photos, with music, with movies... with anything creative. What we see is part product of everything we've seen. And everything we've heard. Our taste forms part of how we see what we see the way we see it.

All that artsy stuff I've seen, heard and done? It's like a card-index, a Rolodex in my head, which my mind is flicking through as I walk around.

Shinjuku skyscrapers in monochrome.
Shot in monochrome and in a square crop.
Fuji X100S