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Eyes closed, walking through the Tokyo snow

One of my faves from the shots I got in last week\'s short bout of snow in Tokyo. This fella was near Nihombashi and in a world of his own for a few moments as he passed me. Looks serene.

Great weather to be out shooting but the snow was very wet and cold. Not the dry powdery stuff. This was big flakes and very watery.

Had the camera covered with an Optech Rainsleeve but I got very wet and after about three hours of wandering some fave spots in town, in need of a hot drink and some dry, warm, indoors place.

Some more shots here:


The Gear

Nikon D700

Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai

Optech Rainsleeve

DR-3 right-angle finder

This was shot from the hip with the lens set to f/2 and focus to 3metres.

Monochrome is all done in-camera.