Fashion photography in Japan: Akari in Yokohama
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Fashion photography in Japan: Akari in Yokohama

This is one from a while back, shot just before the end of Akari's last trip to Japan. She'd asked me to shoot some pics with her new husband, Trevor. We did those and then I shot a few pics of Akari on her own.

We'd first met and worked together a few years before, when Akari modelled at a woskhop I ran - also in Yokohama. The first time we'd shot in the wonderful and ecclectic area of Yokohama called Hinodecho. You can see one of those pics here.

The pic above was taken down on Osanbashi Pier, the cruise-liner dock and public open space that sits between the old red-brick warehouses of Minato-Mirai and Yamashita Park.

Great spot. Beautiful place just to hang out but a great area to shoot pictures in, not just because of the superb scenery but also because no one really gives you any hassle for shooting there.

Nikon D800E

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS