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Flowing water & autumn windfalls: Todoroki Ravine, Tokyo

Todoroki Ravine in Setagaya-ku is a gorgeous little oasis in the middle of Tokyo. Just five miles from our flat, it was a real discovery for me earlie this week. I knew of it, bit had never been. It's the scene for our Japanorama photowalk this coming weekend, 27th/28th November. Details on the Japanorama website soon.

I had no tripod with me and this river didnt really afford the best view from ground-level [which is what I was left with, as I ended up resting the camera on the bridge, lens propped-up with a packet of Marlboro] for a slow-exposure with silky water effect. But, it was a worth a go and came out pretty nice in the end.

Nikon D300

Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF @ 200mm

25second exposure using 100ISO, f/22, a polarizer and an ND8 filter to get myself to the longest exposure possible.