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Futako Tamagawa riverside view, Tokyo, Japan, in infra red

This Time Last Year: Infra-Red at Futako Tamagawa

In my occasional series of 'let's look up a photo I took exactly a year ago' here is one from the riverside in southern Tokyo, taken in infra-red.

I love how these infra-red shots quite often come out and react differently to the post-pro. Angle of the sun during shooting is critical but after that the adjustment layers one adds in Photoshop [channel mixer, curves] make changes that differ wildly between shots.

This one was shot closer to the angle of the sun than the one I posted just now, which was more a shot of the landscape with the sun falling on it from over my shoulder.

Really like this one. One of the nicest colours I've got out of this camera for a while.


Nikon D300 with IR-cut filter removed

Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS