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Getting down in the Shibuya River again; Tokyo, Japan

Rob, one of my students and a great buddy, headed off to shoot some more pics in the drain that is formally known as the Shibuya River. Great location, all be it rather smelly and disgusting. Stout, waterproof shoes required although I am quite sure water was the least of what we were walking through. The truly awful smell has the edge taken off it rather well by the cooking aromas wafting in from the many restaurants that back on to the river.

We also tried out some flash shots with each other, as this is a location I want to use with a model soon. Kind of sci-fi stylee shots, a la Tomb Raider: kick-ass lady in thigh-high boots toting an assault-rifle. :-)

I shot this straight-on view together with downward and upward looking shots, to make long vertically stitched panoramas. Expect these online soon....

Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ f/7.1

Exposures: 2sec, 4sec, 8sec, 15sec, and 30secs.

5-shot bracketed burst

Blended in Photomatix with post-pro in Photoshop CS3