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Guarding Ginza: This reminded me of Monty Python

...the sketch where Eric Idle goes up to John Cleese, who is dressed as a policeman, and says... after a suitably comedic pause: "So, erm, you, erm, wanna come back to my place then"

To which Cleese just nonchantly replies:

"Yeah, OK then..."

... and off they walk.

Dunno why it reminded me of that. Guess it was just the way the guard on the left was looking at the other one.

Car in the background is annoying but the fella only turned to his right for a split-second.

Whole slideshow from this walk and street shooting workshop I did last Sunday, here:


Nikon D700
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai @ f/1.2
Shot straight to black and white using my Monochrome-2 picture control for Nikon.
You can download all of my custom picture controls here: