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Holy Waters | Asakusa, Tokyo

I spent a few hours out shooting with a French guy whose in Japan for a while on holiday. He had a few things he wanted to improve with his photography, namely 'seeing'.

We spent 15 or 20mins around this water fountain at Sensoji in Asakusa. It's where people cleanse their hands and mouths with water before entering the temple.

Always a good spot and especially on a day with strong sunshine, as this area of the temple always gets great backlight, highlighting the water so well.

Good to spend a little time with one subject and we concentrated on getting something of the 'whole picture' [people and the ladles or 'okiome'] and just the fountain itself. The idea being to construct something more of a story using several of the images.


Nikon D700

Nikkor 300mm f/4 ED

Monochrome in-camera

Images paired-up in Photoshop