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Last of the gingko: Shinagawa

Undoubtedly one of the great charms of Japan in autumn are the gingko trees. Above and beyond the majesty of a vast carpet of fallen, yellow leaves there is, for me, the exquisite beauty of the solitary leaf.

In Shinagawa there are a collection of trees that line one side of Route 15. They are often the last in my wider neighbourhood to shed their leaves. On my New Year's Day walk I was happy to find a few leaves still on the trees and some on the floor which had escaped the attentions of the street-cleaner's broom or leaf-blower.

In a small multi-storey car-park near Sengakuji Station, I found a few leaves on the car turntable. There's nothing quite as great a colour combo as black and yellow.

Fuji X100S
Pro-Neg Hi Contrast film emulation