Snow on the shrines of Nikko, Japan
© 2017 Alfie Goodrich. All rights reserved.

Late March snow in Nikko: the lady with the pink umbrella

It's not unheard of to get snow in late March, in Nikko. But the locals were saying that such heavy snowfall in such a short space of time [overnight on the 26th/27th March this year] was unusual. 

Not so far away, in Tochigi, this same morning, a tragedy was unfolding in the aftermath of an avalanche that had hit a school. Sadly there were several deaths.

Our morning was far less eventful, thank god. I'd seen the snow coming down thick and fast before heading to bed on the Sunday night. By the next morning there was about 10cm of snow outside our guest house.

We headed to a local convenience store to get some breakfast and I left my wife, daughter and youngest son there as the place had tables and free wi-fi. My eldest, Joe, and I headed off to the nearby shrine complex to see the snow and get some photos.

This spot was very nearby to where I parked, and in a small shrine next to the main complex of much large buildings.

I'd been shooting some portraits of Joe nearby and spotted the lady coming away from the shrine. Being a lover of umbrellas, it was nice timing for me.

Nikon D3S
Nikkor 28mm f/2,8 AF-D